New gTLD Sightings in the Wild: .Space, .Guru, .Graphics, .Me?

I don’t see the new gTLD’s in the wild very often, but I’ve stumbled across a few recently, and they’re pictured below. Is it a foreshadowing of a lot more to come? The jury is still out., a firm that “specializes in graphic design, vector art, and murals“. Their site is worth a visit to check out some of their other beautiful murals, many of which are located in my neighborhood.

boa design graphics

- – A nonprofit, “It is our mission to be the taproot source for positive, accurate and inspiring information in regards to the animal kingdom and their interaction with humanity …. to be a voice for the animals.

taproot guru

- – No, it’s not pot-related…’s a food truck, operated by a guy with the last name Kush. “Its been a heavy sesh, your stomach grumbles, who you gunna call? Kush’s, Mile High Munchies. Denvers only munch truck offering the best in small bites to big plates designed to satisfy even the greatest onset of the munchies. “


kushs space

- – OK, OK, it’s not a new G, but I admit I’m one of those guys that thinks nearly any non-com/net/org domain feels like a new gTLD.  This picture was taken outside a RiteAid, and KeyMe is a big company compared to the three Denver-based businesses above….they’ve raised over $100 million in financing. “KeyMe is a secure and convenient way to copy, share and personalize keys. We also help solve frustrating lockouts. Get the App, or visit a Kiosk today!

key me

boa design graphics

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