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Dedicated SMTP Servers The SMTP server is the machine that manages the whole email delivery process. That’s why before to send your bulk email messages with email marketing software you need a smtp server which should be properly setup as per mailing standards with your domain name (i.e. spf, dkim, dmarc, rDNS). To configure your email marketing software you will require a SMTP server host address, username, password and a port number to relay your campaign emails. We offer 100% dedicated SMTP servers configured to send high volume bulk emails using your own SMTP server. Our SMTP servers have fast contact lists import features with fast email deliver speed and online interactive tracking features better than other providers. All SMTP server plans include 24×7 monitoring, firewall security, and managed support for SMTP server hardware and software. Now you send millions of emails daily using your own dedicated bulk SMTP server. Our SMTP servers can be used for promotional and transactional email campaigns.

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